How To Update Your Brick Fireplace Easily

Have you ever thought …..What can I do to bring that fireplace into the current century?

LOL Well here’s a great way to do it!

Fireplace Before
Fireplace After

Let’s Get Started!!

  • First and foremost, be sure your bricks are clean. The best way to do that is to get a wire brush and brush the bricks well.
  • Vacuum over your bricks to remove any loose debris
  • Use a scrub brush and Dixie Belle’s White Lightning to clean well around the opening of the fireplace. Be sure to clean away any noticeable smoke/smut anywhere else on the bricks
  • Use the scrub brush and some clean water to rinse the residue from the brick
  • Allow the bricks to dry COMPLETELY

Now you tape and drape your fireplace to prepare to paint – be sure all areas adjacent to the brick are covered. (ie the floor, wall, ceiling, mantle). The more prep you do, the easier your job will be.

Here are the items you will need to tape and drape

Please be sure that all areas adjoining the fireplace are covered.

To colorwash the fireplace bricks, you will need the following materials:

Now is when the transformation begins. (Be sure the hearth and mantle are covered as you should begin at the highest point. You can remove the cover once you get down to that area to work.) Mix your base color (usually white, off-white or light gray) with water. Your mixture should be at least 50-75% water. Your goal is to wash the bricks, not really to paint the bricks. You want to enhance the natural beauty of the bricks, without covering it all up.

Brush your base color mixture over the bricks using your 2″ brush, which should give you an opaque wash. (You may need the artist brush to apply the wash to the grout if you can’t get good coverage using your 2″ brush) If you apply too much color, take your mister bottle and mist the area to dilute your mixture before it dries. You can also blot the area after misting, with your shop towels

, to remove the excess wash. Continue this process until all of your bricks are covered.

REMEMBER your bricks and mortar are porous so they will absorb the watery wash.

You may need to add more wash in certain areas after the brick dries, it depends on how you want your final project to look. Now you add the accent colors to enhance your brick wash.

  1. Take a 2″ brush and lightly dry-brush your darkest color on just a few sporadically placed bricks. Once you have applied the dry-brush, mist lightly with water and brush back over. Then take your shop towel to blot for a more organic look.
  2. Now add your other 2 colors lightly to several bricks spaced widely throughout the project using the same process you used with the darker color.

While working on your project, please step back often to view your project from different vantage points to be sure you are achieving the look you are striving for.

Once your project is dry, then you will want to topcoat any horizontal surface to protect it from spills, etc. (You can also topcoat any other surface you desire) To apply the topcoat use your 2″ brush to apply the dead flat topcoat to cover any surface area you want to be protected. Allow to completely dry.

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