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WoodUBend mouldings are made of a wood pulp product based on sawdust that when mixed with other, eco-friendly components, it becomes a paste. Initially, it is placed in metal forming moulds and pressed in a thermal press. After 48 hours, it is demolded resulting in a lightweight but sturdy object, which is treated as wood. The mouldings can be painted, sanded, and stained just like wood. The biggest advantage of WoodUBend mouldings, versus plain wood, is that when warm air is applied with a simple hairdryer, the mouldings become flexible and can be adhered to any contoured surfaces of furniture and more such as bottles, mirrors, glass, door trims, etc. with any good quality wood glue.


  1. Warm WoodUbend mouldings with a hot plate & griddle, heat gun or hair dryer until flexible.
  2. Apply a good quality wood glue to bottom of moulding.
  3. Affix to project, immediately applying more heat to the moulding. This accelerates the bonding process. 
  4. Hold moulding in place until moulding cools; usually just a few seconds.
  5. As soon as moulding has cooled, paint, stain, or wax.   


  1. Uncoil and cut length of trim needed following steps above.
  2. While warm, trims can be stretched slightly if cut too short. Do not warm the entire coil unless you plan to apply it immediately.
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